Maude Allen - 111

Location: Wirksworth / Genre: Print and Video Installation

Artist Statement

'Six Days a Week' ... is a study of the realities of working in a cotton mill during the nineteenth century. By focusing on the repetitive elements found within the harsh working environment, I intend to explore the effect it has on the workforce.

After completing my Fine Art degree at Sheffield Hallam University, I needed to prioritise family and work. However, I’m very happy that I am now able to return to my art practice with renewed enthusiasm. To that end, last year I joined a group of artists who are collaborating on the Red Tape Project in Wirksworth.This project is a new body of work, started in the autumn of 2017 and successfully admitted to last year’s Wirksworth Festival 2018. As a result, 'Red Tape Evolving' was shown at Haarlem Mill in a Group Exhibition of 8 artists.

The work focuses on the looms and the constant, deafening noise. And there is a fascination with the repetitive elements within the imagery, culminating in the video installation - where the gradually decaying twisting motion may be seen as a hypnotic, trance-inducing metaphor for the harsh realities of a life spent working in the mill.

The ephemeral, the invisible and memory are themes that I am repeatedly drawn to.  Typically the subject matter is explored using photography and a combination of traditional print techniques, collage and line drawings.

Venue Information

Newbridge Works, Coldwell Street
Pitch Blue Creative

Once in Wirksworth take the road towards the old Railway Station, Coldwell Street (where the library is). Newbridge Works is part of the railway buildings about half a mile down that road and before the railway bridge.

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