Elizabeth Challinor, Peak Vision - 45

Location: High Peak / Genre: Illustration

Artist Statement

The first exhibition of the original illustrations that formed of two art projects: The Moon Phase Cards and the Twelve Trees of Chapel Park Treasure Map.

The Moon Phase Cards

These art cards celebrate the eight phases of the moon. There is an additional card which shows the cycle of the moon. The images were created using a textured background of ink and salt, representing the moon’s energy. The technique created pattern and colour separation through the salt's absorption of the water as the ink dries.

Watercolour paper was then prepared with Brusho ink pigment. The dry powdered pigment was sprinkled onto the paper and sprayed with water to get an expressive lively effect. This unpredictable technique kept the whole process of creation fresh and intuitive. The paper was then cut to create the landscape and the animals.

The images were then layered to create a picture composition and glued into place. I worked intuitively with no preconceived notion of what the picture would look like at the end of the process.

The card’s creation began during the Full Moon in November and was completed by the Full Moon in December. Creating in alignment with the moon’s cycles felt important to a project which urges us to slow down and observe the cyclical nature of ‘natural time’. It was a beautiful experience and one which I hope others will share by working with the Moon Phase Cards to create their own experiences.

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The Twelve Trees of Chapel Park

Inspired by my love of ancient maps I wanted to create a treasure map where the trees became the treasure. There are twelve art cards in the set and a folded map. Each card represents a real tree in Chapel Memorial Park and on the reverse is some information on the individual tree, what the species is used for, folk lore and reflections.

The images were drawn and painted onto a ‘stained’ background of watercolour paper. Staining the paper helped the image have an aged and authentic treasure map look. The park layout was walked step by step, like a pirate would, and marked out onto the paper. Each tree was painted individually using sepia and earth tones. It felt important to use pigments that were ground from the earth and local water from the river so this truly became an organic image of the park.

Art cards were created for practicality, as they are transportable and fit neatly into a pocket. As the park is walked, the cards can be used to spot and learn about the trees. The project was an indulgence in things I love, and I hope that the love shows in the images. I want to encourage people to slow down and truly observe the environment that they live in, learn about it and so create a relationship with it.

The map and cards will be made available to local schools and to anyone with a love of trees and adventure.

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For more information www.lizchallinorart.co.uk

Six artists at collective venue

Venue Information

Thornbrook Road
Chapel-en-le-Frith Scout Hut
High Peak
SK23 0RH

From A6 take B5470 Market Street. Turn immediately left after Morrison's roundabout into Thornbrook Road. Turn right into Thornbrook Road if travelling from Whaley Bridge end. Turn left after the fire station. Entrance to scout hut at bottom of lane.

This venue has full disabled access

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