Thomas Petit - 98

Location: Matlock / Genre: Glassblowing

Artist Statement

Thomas Petit Glass has been working since 1991, when he entered the employment of a London based Glassblowing Studio. Since then he has worked for three other studios, one in New Zealand and two in Derbyshire. Thomas now works solely for himself and rents time at a studio owned by one of his former employers, near Matlock, Derbyshire.

Thomas has exhibited his work all over the UK and NZ, as well as Europe and once in Sydney, Australia, while he was working in New Zealand. Thomas now dispatches work all over the world via purchases made on his website and Facebook.

Thomas's designs can take years to reach a conclusion he is happy with. He jots down idea and colour combinations and then attempts to translate those ideas into glass. In many cases they do no translate well and so he has to start again. Sea Shore's initial two designs took 2 years to finalise and now he has seven varients of this range. Sea Shore was influenced by his childhood walks with his Family over the South Downs, along estuaries and across pebbled beaches to the sea, in East Sussex, where he grew up.   

Venue Information

Unit 18, Lower Lumsdale Mills, Lumsdale Road,

Can be accessed off the A615 Tansley Road coming out of Matlock by turning left onto Lumsdale Road & following the signs and balloons. Also accessed off A632 Chesterfield Road onto Lumsdale Road and Asker Lane.

This venue has full disabled access

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